The thought process involved in making a piece of art varies at each developmental level and from project to project. The basic elements of art and the principles of design are discovered and put to use on a regular basis in the art studio. Themes and materials vary at each grade level, as well.

Here at Saint Gregory’s, drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture are a few of the ways students express themselves. The wonderful process of looking, learning and creating is ongoing in the art room. Displays of artwork throughout our school celebrate the students’ creativity and reinforce the good work they have accomplished.


In our music classes, students are provided with a hands-on musical experience that includes rhythm instruments for the youngest students, recorders in grade 3 through grade 6 and Choir and English Bell Choir in the upper grades. We also offer individual instrument lessons and band practice for our older students. The students participate in concerts and programs throughout the year and are active and joyful participants in our monthly Mass.