Faculty and Staff


Head of School: Kathryn Helm

Email: Khelm@saintgregorysschool.org


Assistant Head of School: Mr. Steve Seymour

Steve Seymour is the Dean of Students, Physical Education teacher, boys basketball coach, and Athletic Director.

Email: sseymour@saintgregorysschool.org

Mrs. Marilyn Brown

Marilyn Brown is our Music teacher. Marilyn has over 15 years experience and taught in both public and private schools in the Albany area.

Email: mbrown@saintgregorysschool.org


Mrs. Beth Clark

Beth Clark has been a teacher in the lower school for the past 20 years. She started at Saint Gregory’s as the Pre-K assistant and now teaches in the Nursery School classroom alongside Mrs. Marohn. Mrs. Clark considers it a privilege to be a part of each student’s introduction to the community at St. Gregory’s, and genuinely enjoys nurturing each child throughout their early childhood educational experiences, and maintaining those relationships as the students grow.


Mrs. Clark is one of 9 children, born and raised in Albany, NY. When she isn’t teaching, she spends a great deal of her free time with her parents and extended family. She also enjoys reading, yoga, baking and being a new grandmother! A mother of 3, Mrs. Clark’s youngest son is also a graduate of St. Gregory’s.


“One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching at St Gregory’s has been the sense of community. It is a joy to not only get to know the students but also their families, and watch our students develop from toddlers into young adults.”

Email: eclark@saintgregorysschool.org


Mrs. Deb Connell

Deb Connell began her career at SGS teaching first grade for seven years. While raising her children, she held various part-time positions in the Lower School that included language arts, art, enrichment, and remediation. She is currently the third-grade teacher. Mrs. Connell has an undergraduate degree from Boston College and a masters degree in developmental reading from SUNY Albany. Her personal interests include sports, cooking, gardening, and reading. “SGS continues to be a place where I am encouraged to challenge my students academically, acknowledge and foster their unique abilities, and instill in them an appreciation for learning.”

Email: dconnell@saintgregorysschool.org

 Mr. Zane DeJoseph

Zane DeJoseph is the science teacher for grades 5-8.



Mrs. Kristen Dinkels

Kristen Dinkels is our Lower School Science teacher. Mrs. Dinkels has been teaching in all boys’ independent schools since 2002, having worked in Manhattan and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Her classroom experiences range from grades 1-3 with additional time spent teaching in preschool special education classrooms. Mrs. Dinkels also has extensive mentoring experience with recent college graduates just embarking on their own teaching careers. She also loves to guide and direct those interested in the education profession.

Email: kdinkels@saintgregorysschool.org

Mrs. Lynn Dollard

Lynn Dollard has been our 1st grade teacher since 1999. 

Email: ldollard@saintgregorysschool.org


Mrs. Prajaakta Gore

Parjaskta Gore is our Business Manager.

Email: business.mgr@saintgregorysschool.org 

Mrs. Mary Hogan

Mary Hogan is the Pre-K program lead teacher.


Mrs. Kristen Labatt-Simon

Kristen Labatt-Simon teaches fifth through eighth grade math. She has worked professionally for 20 years in IT and marketing, and 7 years teaching fifth through twelfth grade math. She loves to prepare her students for the rigors of high school by engaging them in real life application of what they have learned. Students will learn trig by calculating the best path through the Gulf Stream, they will learn percent by calculating running distances using the 10% rule, and they will conduct surveys and create graphs using marketing methodologies. Mrs. Labatt has two children and enjoys triathlon, sailing, skiing, piano, and anything outdoors.

Email: klabatt-simon@saintgregorysschool.org

Mrs. Ellen Marohn

Ellen Marohn is the Nursery program lead teacher.

Email: emarohn@saintgregorysschool.org


Mrs. Karen Mastromarchi

Karen Mastromarchi is the Spanish teacher for grades N-8

Email: kmastromarchi@saintgregorysschool.org


Dr. Marc Meyer

Marc Meyer is the Social Studies and Religion teacher for grades 5-8.

Email: mmeyer@saintgregorysschool.org

Ms. Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller is the Administrative Assistant.

Email: bmiller@saintgregorysschool.org



Mrs. Mary Murphy 

Mary Murphy is the 4th grade teacher.

Email: mmurphy@saintgregorysschool.org

Mrs. YungHee Risler

YungHee Risler is the Kindergarten teacher.

Email: yrisler@saintgregorysschool.org


Mr. Jake Shepard

Jake Shepard is the Upper School English teacher grades 7-8, and Latin teacher grades 7-8.

Email: jakeshepard@saintgregorysschool.org


Mrs. Joan Shepard

Joan Shepard is the Art teacher.

Email: jshepard@saintgregorysschool.org


Ms. Stephanie Streck

Stephanie Streck is the 2nd grade teacher.

Email: sstreck@saintgregorysschool.org