Saint Gregory’s School Tuition

Tuition and fee revenues are the primary source of support for the educational programs and operations of the school. Tuition and fees constituent 85% of the total revenues. Annually the Board of Trustees adjusts the tuition and fee schedules in order to sustain the high quality of the Saint Gregory’s educational experience.

Tuition For The 2017-2018 School Year:

Nursery: $11,355

Preschool: $12,355

Nursery/Preschool options

Kindergarten-Fourth Grade: $13,365

Fifth-Eight Grade: $14,365


Nursery and Preschool: $350

K-8: $450

Fees cover the cost of items such as milk at lunch time and snacks. Fees also cover textbooks not covered by the public districts and other minor costs.

Every family is expected to contribute to the cost of tuition and fees, thereby supporting the community and our mission. While we expect that the vast majority of families to pay the full cost of tuition and fees, some families may be eligible for a modest level of finical aid based on determined need.



The Tuition Aid process is administered by FACTS. The application should be submitted on the secured site:

To help us objectively assess what a family is able to contribute to education expenses, Saint Gregory’s School uses FACTS as a trusted third party. FACTS is an independent, third party company that conducts financial analysis to determine your family’s financial need and eligibility for tuition discounts. Saint Gregory’s School receives a confidential report outlining your financial situation based on the information obtained in your application and supporting tax documents.

Notification of tuition determinations will be released on the same schedule as admission decision letters. Although decisions about admission tuition are made at the same time, the two processes are separate. All financial information you provide will be held in strict confidence.

Paper copies of the application forms are also available from FACTS. Please call them at 866-441-4637 to receive these. After applying, please mail the required forms—recent paystubs, tax returns, and W-2 statements—to FACTS (or fax to FACTS at 402-466-1136). Please note that FACTS charges a processing fee of $41 that must be included with your application and forms.

Please contact Admissions (518) 785-6621, if you have any questions.


  1. A non-refundable tuition deposit is due at the time of enrollment. The tuition deposit is $500 for all students and will be credited towards the student’s 2018-19 tuition according to the payment option chosen in the enrollment confirmation form.
  2. Upon submitting the enrollment form, the tuition deposit is not refundable and the person submitting the form assumes financial responsibility for the full tuition and fees for the entire school year. No portion of tuition, paid or outstanding, will be returned or canceled except under certain circumstances.
  3. Students and parents agree to adhere to all of the rules and expectations set forth by Saint Gregory’s School.
  4. It is understood that enrollment is contingent upon successful completion of the current grade and receipt of end-of-the-year evaluation.
  5. A student will not be permitted to re-enter or continue in school if any sums for his/her tuition or other charges are in arrears.
  6. Saint Gregory’s School reserves the right to dismiss a student when the Headmaster of Saint Gregory’s School, in his sole discretion, judges it to be necessary for the well being of the student or School. In such an event, the person(s) assuming financial obligation continues to be financially responsible for the entire school year’s tuition.