Private vs Public Education: What To Consider

When it comes to your child’s education, it is vital to think about numerous different schooling options. The first question to ask yourself is this; what does your child need in order to be successful? This is the major question parents ask themselves when choosing between and public school and a private school. Remember, what is right for one child, might not be right for another, so it is important to consider all the options available . Here are a few common factors to consider when picking a school for your family:


What does the facility offer to students?

When choosing the right school, it is important to know the quality of the education your child will receive. With that being said, it is beneficial to investigate the school facilities as they reflect the success of the school’s development team. Additionally, if there is high financial support from parents and alumni, it is generally a sign of credibility. If it is of importance to your child, it may be beneficial to look into the amenities that the school offers. For example, private schools typically offer more competitive sport programs, after school activities, and academic programs than regular public schools.


What are the classrooms like?

Class size, student/teacher ratio, and the quality of the teachers are all important aspects when choosing between private and public schools. Since private school spots are limited, there are typically smaller class sizes. This may be beneficial if your child has trouble paying attention or falls unnoticed within large crowds. In order to achieve individualized learning, is it optimal to have a student to teacher ratio of 15:1 or better. At Saint Gregory’s School, for example, the student to teacher ratio is 6:1. This ensures each student is well cared for and attentive throughout each class. In terms of quality teachers, it is difficult to gauge this by simply looking into a school. Typically, the quality of the teacher depends on the location, salary, and level of difficulty of the class. Compared to a large public school, private school teachers with smaller class sizes may have more time to have one-on-one time with individual parents to discuss their student’s progress or any underlying issues.


How much will private school cost you?

Sometimes, the better question is, what will it cost you to not send your child to a private school? Since the majority of public schools are supported by local property taxes, the annual school budget cannot be easily altered. In low-income communities where many voters are living on fixed incomes, there is little spending room for schools and educational programs. In this sense, the school can sometime lack the funding it needs in order to be successful and the value of the students education can quickly deteriorate. Private schools, however, can be internally funded by tuition, money raised from fundraisers, alumni donations, grants, and more. Therefore, private schools usually have more access to assets that can make a positive educational experience by hiring quality teachers, offering high-end learning materials, luxury amenities, etc.


What is the parental community like?

At Saint Gregory’s School, we understand how important family involvement is within our school. Although financial considerations are a major factor in determining schools, you should also consider the school’s expectations of you. Public schools tend to require much less participation from parents within the school community. Comparatively, private schools encourage parental involvement for transportation, school events, academic and sporting programs, and other school activities outside normal school hours. For some parents, this commitment can be difficult. However, private schools strongly encourage the bond between parents, students, and teachers in order to ensure the best intellectual care for the child.


Both private and public schools have advantages and disadvantages. By weighing financial costs, time investments, your child’s interests, and quality of the program, you can determine the expectations you have for the school you send your child to. If you’re considering private school in the Albany area, see if Saint Gregory’s School could be a right fit for your family by scheduling a private tour of our campus today!

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