5 Benefits of Smaller Class Sizes

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a new school, one of the main considerations being class size. Depending on what kind of student your child is, they may benefit from a small class size in comparison to a large one. Small class sizes are typically considered more appealing, but it is important to understand why this is the case. 

Benefits of small class sizes

More interaction with the teachers

Small classes evidently lead to more one-on-one attention from the teacher. Teachers in large classes deal with the day-to-day chaos that comes from keeping a class in check, grading numerous assignments, and planning lessons. With smaller class sizes, teachers have the ability to get to know each student individually. This individualized learning helps students enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses by being provided with constant assistance. Additionally, teachers can tailor instruction to individual learners to adapt to the difference in learning styles within classes. In this sense, if a student is slower or quicker to learn something, the teacher can help them take the next steps toward success.

There’s less disruption

When a teacher oversees 35+ students in one class, it can be difficult to navigate constant disruption. Even the simple act of encouraging students to work in a group can stir up immense chaos as many students may not know each other on a personal level. While grasping the rooms attention can be a difficult task for classes of all sizes, it is much easier for teachers to get the attention of students in a smaller class. For the students that do distract the class, it is much easier for the teacher to have discussions with them about their behavior and nip any issues in the bud if there are less students to be concerned with. The better the relationship the teacher is able to form with each student, the better chances they’ll act appropriately during each lesson.

Students get to know each other better

Instead of students hiding in a large crowd, small classes allow students to feel more comfortable participating. Additionally, students have more opportunities to find people with similar interests. Here, they will be able to quickly foster friendships without the added pressure of numerous students weighing in. This can also be beneficial to the student’s academics, specifically if a student has a question about homework, they are much more likely to ask a friend for help when there are less people around.

More time for instruction

The higher the amount of students in a class, the more time teachers have to spend on administrative tasks. In this sense, even a simple task like taking attendance takes twice as long in a large class. If grading papers takes up a significant amount of time due to a larger amount of students, teachers may rush. This hinders students to get individual feedback to further their learning. Comparatively, teachers in small classes can take the time to give each student feedback and have more time for specific instruction.

Students feel more comfortable

Let’s face it – kids may have anxiety when it comes to going to a new school. The thought of not making friends, fitting in, or finding something they are passionate about is daunting for most children. Small classes encourage kids to speak up and discourages them from hiding behind the scenes. Since teachers and other students know how the other students are progressing, there is nowhere to hide. This can motivate students to be comfortable and happy at school.

Finding the right school for your child’s learning habits is important in your child’s success. One key factor when determining a choice for school is class size. With small classes, you can reap the benefits of individualized learning, increased levels of comfort and confidence in school, and less disruption throughout classes. At Saint Gregory’s School, our average class size is 12 with a student to teacher ratio of 6:1, giving our Albany-area students the opportunity to thrive with the added educational support. 

Are you interested in learning more about our small class sizes? We welcome you to tour our Loudonville campus to tour our classrooms, meet our teachers, and see why Saint Gregory’s School could be right for your family.

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