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Dear Friends of Saint Gregory’s School,

Sixty years ago, Saint Gregory’s School was born. It started with people dedicated to excellence in education and the development of faith and character. It was a dream that became an idea and idea that became a reality. We are thrilled to be planning an event to celebrate sixty years of that reality.

Our community has prospered and adapted throughout the years, and it’s time for us to gather and honor our teachers, families, alumni, board members, and our rich traditions that have allowed us to thrive.

Please join us on May 7, 2022 at June Farms in West Sand Lake for an evening of dinner, dancing, and nostalgia. We have been combing through our archives and have uncovered some wonderful relics that we look forward to sharing with you.

As our founding Headmaster Raymond O’Brien noted at Saint Gregory’s thirtieth anniversary, “We have inherited a valuable legacy and a significant tradition.” He went on to say it is our collective responsibility to preserve and improve the School with the same passion and dedication that inspired our founders to establish SGS. The bulk of that responsibility has been held by the teachers and administrators without whom this anniversary would not have been reached. Let us gather to show our gratitude to their commitment.

Below you will find the following forms: sponsorship opportunity, auction donation, and program advertisement. Please strongly consider supporting our annual Gala. This event is an important fundraiser for the success of our School.


We hope you will be a part of our sixtieth anniversary celebration.


Sponsor The Gala
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Kathryn T. Helm, Head of School PresidentWillard A. Anderson ‘83, Board of TrusteesLauren E. Hayes, Gala Co-Chair
Grace C. Clark, Gala Co-Chair


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