Our Faith

Following the traditions of the Catholic faith, Saint Gregory’s students are expected to treat others with respect and kindness. Teachers, advisors, coaches focus on students’ character as understood through a religious lens, and they help them develop independence and a sense of self. Our aim is to graduate compassionate students and servant leaders.

Religious Curriculum

Through the religion curriculum, students study Christianity and examine commonalities among major world religions. Families of all faiths share religious and cultural traditions at our school, and this is an opportunity for our students to broaden their life perspectives. Catholic students receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion while their non-Catholic classmates support them through involvement and understanding the tradition.


Monthly liturgies are planned by teachers and students in first grade through eighth grade. Liturgical music is shared by the host grade at the liturgy, which is attended by families and friends from our wider community. Students have the opportunity to serve as altar services, gift bearers, and readers at Mass.

Chapel in Private School in Albany, NY
private school students serving at food drive

Gregorian Service Program

We engender spirituality through our Gregorian Service program. Students help out in lower school classrooms and assist teachers in a myriad of ways. SGS students have a relationship with St. John’s/St. Ann’s Outreach Center and they annually collect close to 1,000 pounds of non- perishable items. Students also deepen their sense of empathy with field trips to farms for retired horses and shelters for cats and dogs. Our seventh graders host a talent show each spring, the proceeds of which are divided among three Catholic charities. Our families volunteer in their own communities and students share experiences that demonstrate their faith by volunteering at soup kitchens and raising money for people impacted by natural disasters, to name a few.

While Saint Gregory’s is a Catholic, independent school, our doors are open to families of all faiths.